ESP Guitars Celebrates 40 Years: Take A Look At These Beauties

Images taken from the ESP website

In 1975, Exactly 40 years ago, The ESP Company produced its first guitar in Japan. Throughout the years the guitars became a popular brand in millions of guitar players around the world. Making a great reputation especially in the Metal music world.

The EC-2015 40TH Anniversary

The EC-2015 40TH Anniversary

Artists like Metallica (James Hatfield & Kirk Hammett) , Gary Holt (Exodus & Slayer), Ben Weinman (The Dillinger Escape Plan), Will Adler (Lamb Of God) and many more famous Metal heads has been shredding the ESP/LTD guitars and created with the company their own signature models.

Celebrating 40 years and running, the Company has released 5 new exciting models: 2 shapes of an ESP Eclipse, EC-2015, H7 2015 and MH-2015. all Shiny, Curvy and Sharp. Take a look at all of the beauties the ESP Site. Happy Anniversary!