The Mind Behind Alice in Chains: Happy Birthday Jerry Cantrell

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American musician Jerry Cantrell is best known as the guitarist, singer and songwriter of the rock band Alice in Chains. Although recognized as one of the leaders of the grunge movement in the early nineties, Alice in Chains differ themselves by their frequent use of acoustic guitars and elements of heavy metal. The band’s most distinctive quality is their harmonized vocals performed by Cantrell and deceased singer Layne Stayley, now replaced by William DuVall.

Cantrell other musical endeavors include playing with Ozzy Osbourne between 2004 and 2006, and his two solo albums – 1998’s “Boggy Depot” and 2002’s “Degradation Trip”.

Today Jerry Cantrell is celebrating his 49 birthday, let’s join him and play along with Alice in Chains‘ “Your Decision“:

- Your Decision

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