14 Years Ago: Elton John and Robert Downey, Jr. In This Heartfelt Song and Video

Clear a Few Minutes of Your Day to Listen to the Song and Watch This Heartfelt Video. Celebrate the Love. You Won't Regret It

It’s hard to decided what is better: The video for Elton John’s ‘I Want Love’, or the song itself. In 2001, Sir Elton released the fantastic ‘Songs From The West Coast’ album, written together with his lifelong partner Bernie Taupin and produced by Patrick Leonard. 

The album is full with lovely and touchy songs, bringing John a little bit back to his piano playing roots. John invited many famous friends to take part in the creation. Gary Barlow, Drummer Matt Chamberlain, Stevie WonderRufus Wainwright and Billy Preston we’re all in. 

It’s no wonder that ‘I Want Love’ sounds very ‘Beatlesy’. It’s Preston, the keyboard player that contributed to The Beatles’ sound in their last years that plays in this recording. In addition, backup vocals very similar to the ones produced by the Fab Four and the guitar parts are very influenced from the mighty George Harrison

- I Want Love

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To perfect the song’s wonderful lyrics and melody, John brought Mr. Robert Downey Jr. for the visual side. In the music video, The lovable actor is seen walking around an impressive mansion, lip syncing the song. Notice he does do it in a perfect form, as he acts the songs dramatic lyrics. For many, this is one of the actor’s cutest, most touching performance. 

Clear a few minutes of your day to listen to the song and watch this heartfelt video. Celebrate the love. You won’t regret it.