A Sexy Baby? Miley Cyrus' New Video Is Kinda Crazy

Here's Miley: In the New Music Video for 'BB Talk', the Singer Is Dressed in Bizarre Baby Outfits and Bluntly Sings About a Sexual Relationship. Don't Miss This

Miley Cyrus keeps pushing the envelope: In the new video for her song ‘BB Talk’, the singer is seen in all kinds of bizarre baby costumes, making her usual faces to the camera and singing about an adult break up. 

Sure, we already got used to Cyrus’ antics on stage or in front of the camera, but this one is unique. The video was directed by MC and Diamond Martel and while dressed in baby outfits, the singer sings the words: "Your baby talk is creeping me out, Fuck me so you stop baby talking". Creepy indeed. Watch this. 

- BB Talk

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