A Moment In Time: Play The Rolling Stones’ ‘Wild Horses’ Like Never Before

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Celebrate the 45th anniversary of the ‘Sticky Fingers’ and play the classic ballad with the chords & lyrics in perfect sync

Almost 45 years ago ‘The Rolling Stones‘ released ‘Wild Horses’. Hard to believe, huh? The magnificent balled was included in the ‘Sticky Fingers’ album (Still with Bill Wyman and Mick Taylor in the band) and 25 years later was re-released as a single as part of the band’s live album, ‘Stripped’. So many have already been said on the song – and now you can play and sing along to it with the chords & lyrics in perfect and accurate sync. Pick up the guitar, press play.

- Wild Horses

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To mark the 45th anniversary of ‘Sticky Fingers’, The band  will be reissue the album on a variety of formats. The new in June and you can already go ahead and pre-order the album on The Stones’ official site.