Personal Data Stolen From Faithless Fans After the Group's Site Was Hacked

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'Thousands of British Music Fans Have Had Their Personal Data Stolen and Are in Danger of Being Targeted by Online Fraudsters, After the Website of Dance Act Faithless Was Hacked'

Be carful - hackers are everywhere. They don’t only aim at political and major tech platforms, but also towards musicians

According to an exclusive story published by ‘The Independent’, “Thousands of British music fans have had their personal data stolen and are in danger of being targeted by online fraudsters, after the website of dance act Faithless was hacked. Experts fear the breach of, affecting some 18,000 people, will be repeated on other music sites”. 

The Independent reports that the hack was “spotted by the internet security firm ‘CyberInt’, which monitors hacking activity. The breach became apparent last September but was only confirmed by the cyber security company yesterday”.

The lovable group was and still is one of the world’s top electronic acts coming from the UK. They have recently released a compilation album called ’20’, celebrating 20 years of creating music together and includes their greatest hits and new remixes.   

“We have a system that collects cyber threat intelligence in real time, and as part of our work we uncovered a Faithless database being sold on the Dark Web, and we flagged it up with them,” Elad Ben-Meir, CyberInt’s vice president of marketing, told The Independent. 

“I think they fixed the issue but they didn’t quite go out and tell anyone that, so that leaves their fans, about 18,000 people, unaware that their private information has been compromised”.