Remembering Jaco Pastorius

Photo by Tom Copi, Getty images

photo by Tom Copi, Getty images

The mighty Jaco Pastorius would have been 63 years old today. With his passing in 1987, we lost one of the most innovating bass players and musicians of all time. We wonder what kind of music he would be playing today.

27 years after his death and Jaco will soon be honored in a new documentary produced by Metallica’s bass man, Robert Trujillo. Recently Trujilo launched a campaign on Pledge Music in order to get the people’s help to finish the film. according to the campaign page: “The film includes some incredible insights from an array of artists (Flea, Joni MitchellSting, Wayne Shorter, Herbie Hancock, Geddy Lee, Bootsy CollinsCarlos Santana) as well as Jaco’s family, and friends. It unveils the story of his music, his life, his demise, and ultimately the fragility of great artistic genius”.

Happy Birthday Jaco. We Miss You.

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