Back in Time: The Amazing World of Huey Lewis and the News

Sometimes Bands Create Such Amazing Songs That Were Written Years Ago and Are Still Beating Heavily Today. Get the Band’s Latest Updates from the Road and Play the Music with Chords & Lyrics in Sync

Sometimes, artists don’t need to put out albums each year. Sometimes artists create such amazing songs that were written years ago and are still beating heavily today. Everyday. That’s exactly the case for Huey Lewis and the News, the Rock/Pop collective that topped the charts in the 1980’s, filled with soul and a bit of doo-wop.

- Hip to Be Square

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The songs, combined with talented performers and Lewis’ attitude made everything 100% cool. It still is. The band from San Francisco is now touring all over the US. They will play the entire month of June, as the last show this month is set to be on the 30th, Lewis and the News will hit Verona, New York. You can get all details regarding the tour on Huey Lewis and the News’s website.

With a crazy amount of charisma, Lewis could not stay only in the music business. As an actor you probably saw him in films like ‘Duets’ and Robert Altman’s ‘Short Cuts’ and on TV’s ‘Hot In Cleveland’. One famous little cameo happened in the ‘Back to the Future’ film. Lewis portrayals one of the teachers auditing Marty McFly’s (Michel J.Fox) band. But of course Lewis major involvement in the film was the music. The band wrote and performed songs on the soundtrack, including the main and wonderful track, ‘Power Of Love’. On top of it all, Lewis is a talented golfer.

Endless Charisma. Huey Lewis (Photo by Gettyimages)

Endless Charisma. Huey Lewis (Photo by Gettyimages)

To celebrate the band’s music. You can now play the classic ‘Hip To Be Square’  and ‘I Want A New Drug’ videos with the Chords & Lyrics in sweet sync. So sit back, relax and press play. Listen to Huey Lewis’ fantastic vocals and to the smooth saxophone playing in between the melodies.