Stone Temple Pilots Auditioning Singers: 'No One Can Replace Scott'

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In a Rolling Stone Interview, the DeLeo Brothers Said: 'It's About Moving Forward, but It's Also About Someone Honoring That and Being Able to Get Their Creativity Around That'

It’s been 6 months since Scott Weiland has died at the age of 48. Now, the Stone Temple Pilots and Velvet Revolver rock star is remembered by his old band mate,s who are looking to move on and seeking a new singer. 

We've all been kind of doing different things, but as far as Stone Temple Pilots is concerned, we've been neck-deep in the process of auditioning different singers”, they said in an interview to Rolling Stone

"It's impossible to replace Scott. It really is. We created something that only the four of us could create. It's about moving forward, but it's also about someone honoring that and being able to get their creativity around that.

"Eric, Dean and I have something – we've been playing music half our lives and you can't just dismiss that”, Said Robert DeLeo, “It's something that I appreciate and I cherish in my life and I want to continue doing that."