The Future Is Here: This Invisible Drum Set Will Blow Your Mind

'The Most Portable and Quiet Drum Kit in the World'. Pick up Your Sticks, Air Drum, and Get All the Perfect Sounds and Dynamics of an Actual Drum Set, as the Drum Parts Are Placed in Their Traditional Way. Amazing

“The most portable and quiet drum kit in the world”, that’s how the makers of Aerodrums describe their crazy product. Using an impressive technology, you can basically pick up sticks, air drum, and get all the perfect sounds and dynamics of an actual drum set, as the drum parts are placed in their traditional way. Watch this latest video from the NAMM convention in California, as top drummers like Virgil Donati and Thomas Pridgen try out the invisible set for the first time and can not believe what is happening. 

According to the makers, Richard Lee and Yann Morvan: We develop and commercialize tools for drummers. Our main project is Aerodrums, a new kind of ‘drum kit’ that we dare say is pretty revolutionary. Aerodrums fits in a backpack, feels and sounds as good as a real drum kit, can be silent to others around you, and is affordable. We also produce Aered, a “what you see is what you get” music notation editor for drums that evolved from the live transcription feature of an early Aerodrums prototype.”

Notice, the Aerodrums is not a prototype. You can actually buy the product on their site and contact them with questions. Cool, huh? Is this the future of drumming? Watch the videos, try in out yourself.