Happy Birthday Mick Jagger: Play the Man’s Music Like Never Before

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Sing Like Jagger: Send Your Wishes to Sir Mick and Play ‘Wild Horses’ with the Accurate Chords & Lyrics in Perfect Sync

72 years ago today (July 26), Michael Philip Jagger was born into a middle-class family in Dartford, Kent, England. You and everybody else know him as ‘Mick’, legendary frontman for ‘The Rolling Stones‘. We wish we can count down the man’s greatest moments or go back in time, remembering all of his contribution to modern music – but that’s not possible, the list is endless.

- Wild Horses

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In times like this we need to celebrate by letting the music speak for itself. And what’s a better song than the lovable ‘Wild Horses‘, where Jagger is in the top of his game. He actually still is, we can’t believe the man is 72 and moves and sings the way he does. Happy Birthday Mick, Thank you for everything.