AC/DC Played on Gayageum: Meet Luna, the Amazing YouTube Musician You Must Know

You Can Play Any Kind of Music on This Traditional Korean Instrument, but Luna Plays It Like a True Rock Star. Her Arrangements Are Incredible, and You Can't Get Enough of Her Cool Attitude in Front of the Camera

Sure, YouTube is packed with talented musicians showing their skills to the camera, but this one is different. Meet Luna Lee, who plays famous rock songs on the Gayageum. The instrument is a traditional Korean zither-like, with 12 strings. 

On her website, Luna’s work is described: ‘Her music blurs boundaries of traditional and contemporary music”. But it’s actually much more. 

Because you can play any kind of music on it, but Luna plays it like a true rockstar. Her arrangements are incredible, and she has her own cool attitude in front of the camera. 

Counting millions and millions of views on her YouTube channel, the musician from Korea plays songs by AC/DC, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Eric Clapton, Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin, Steve Vai, David Bowie and many more. She started posting the videos 6 years ago, and as time goes by, it’s just keeps getting better.

Play these videos and afterwards go on her YouTube channel to get more. We promise, you will be blown away by the amount of creativity and style. Not a lot of words to be said, just watch and listen