You Won’t Believe This Michael Jackson Album Is Marking Its 20th Anniversary

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For Anybody Growing up in the 90’s – This Will Be Shocking. Time Goes by so Fast. Play the Songs with the Chords and Lyrics in Sync and Remember That When Ever Michael Jackson Did It – He Did It Big

For anybody growing up in the 90’s – this will be shocking. Next month will mark the 20th Anniversary for Michael Jackson’s ‘HIStory’ album, originally released on June 20th, 1995. It’s always surprising how time goes by so fast. Seems like only yesterday the ‘They Don’t Care About Us’ video was playing non stop on MTV.

HIStory in the Making: Play ‘Earth Song’ with the Chords & Lyrics in Sync

- Earth Song

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HIStory (full name: HIStory: Past, Present and Future, Book I) was a notorious, triumphant album. Jackson worked with dozens of producers and fellow musicians as he was writing and producing dramatic and epic songs. He also included a Greatest Hits CD, making it a Volume 1 of the album, as the new songs were called: ‘History Continues”.

Six singles and two promotional singles were released as Jackson was not only writing and performing the songs, but also in charge of the String and keyboard arrangements. That’s Michael for you. When he did it – he did it big.

Every single of “HIStory” was an exciting one, as the music videos were playing all the time and everywhere. Yet some may say that the most thrilling part was the upbeat collaboration with his sister Janet, as fans all over the world were waiting for the two to create something together. Janet Jackson was doing extremely well those years, as in 1993 she released the highly acclaimed and very successful ‘Janet’ album. Michael knew how much the fans were waiting for the two to come together in the studio, and made ‘Scream’ the first track on the album.

Play 'Scream' With the Chords & Lyrics In Sync

Play ‘Scream’ With the Chords & Lyrics In Sync

HIStory debuted at number one on the Billboard 200 chart and till today sold over 30 million copies worldwide. Next month, five days after the HIStory anniversary, we will mark six years to the passing of the King of Pop. Although Jackson is not among the living, his incredible and unique music keeps him alive everyday. We miss you Michael.