The Freshest Act From Japan: Meet 'Band Maid'

Image taken from the 'Band Maid' Facebook Page

Breaking the Walls: BAND-MAID® Is One of the Most Hard Working (and Rocking) Acts From Japan. A Five Piece Girl Group That Rock While Dressed in Outfits Inspired by Tokyo's Maid Cafe Hostesses

It’s safe to say that in the last couple of years popular and young Japanese groups are getting more and more love outside of Japan. Bands like PerfumeBABYMETAL and Ladybaby are doing very well all over the world, but now it’s time for something else. 

Band Maid’ (Written: BAND-MAID®) is one of the most hard working (and rocking) acts from Japan. As a five piece girl group, the girls rock while dressed in outfits inspired by Tokyo’s Maid Cafe hostesses. This week they released their new video for their song, ‘Alone’. 

Although some will say the act is just gimmick, you just need to listen to the girls play and understand how professional are they. The songs sounds great, and rocking perfectly. They were formed in 2013 and started playing shows right away. And the fans are responding. For the past year, ‘Band Maid’ started trending dramatically, hitting more than a million views on YouTube for their music videos, ’Real Existence’ and ’Thrill’. Twitter became a hot place for the band as well, while fans are engaging with the band’s music everyday. 

As mentioned, the band started to get lots of traction outside from Japan and next month the girls will play their first show in the USA, coming to the Sakura-Con in Seattle, Washington. You can keep following on the band’s updates on their Facebook page, they are always up to something.