20 Years Ago: The Chili Peppers Created Miracles With this Hot Album

“Give your love no matter what”, Sings Anthony Kiedis on the beautiful song ‘My Friends’, and that’s exactly what the band members did. ‘One Hot Minute’ Turns 20

"A Poor Follow Up To ‘Blood Sugar Sex Magic" - Those were the words that lots of music critics used to describe ‘One Hot Minute’, The Red Hot Chili Peppers’ sixth album. Sure, The early nineties were gone, guitarist John Frusciante was out and the rock revelation that changed the world four years earlier was coming to an end. But all of that doesn’t matter. 20 years ago, the peppers delivered one of modern’s rock most miraculous performance.

- My Friends

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So many dramatic moments occurred towards ‘One Hot Minute’. Frusciante left and in came Dave Navarro. Two incredible, sexual guitarists with very different styles. It’s the funk that beats in Frusciante’s heart, at least while he was playing for the Peppers. Navarro’s playing is deep in the dark, smooth and viscous. After the huge commercial success of ‘Blood Sugar Sex Magic’, many music lovers were anticipating the Pepper’s next move. Lots of them did not see the band doing well without Frusciante’s presence, but truth is that they always did, and will always continue to do so.

Dave Navarro (Photo by Gettyimages)

Dave Navarro (Photo by Gettyimages)

Besides the line up changes and the great amount of stress sent towards the band, Singer Anthony Kiedis battled addiction once more and the writing process was not easy. In spite of that Kiedis searched his heart to write some of his most wonderful lyrics of all time. It’ll be hard going through every track, analyzing the extraordinary creative process and uniqueness of this album. Let’s use just one sentence off the touchy ballad, ‘My Friends’. In the song, Kiedis refers not so much to his people ‘friends’ but more so to his private thoughts. He writes: “I Heard a little girl, and what she said was something beautiful: To give your love no matter what”. That is exactly what ‘One Hot Minute’ is all about. However road might be, release it, give your love no matter what”.