Surprise: Chris Cornell To Reissue His Debut Solo Album, ‘Euphoria Morning’

Universal Music Enterprises Will Be Re-Releasing This Amazing Album Under Its Original Name, ‘Euphoria Mourning’, for the First Time on Vinyl as Well as Reissuing Digitally and on CD

Ever since it’s release in 1999, two years after the break-up of Soundgarden, Chris Cornell‘s debut album ‘Euphoria Morning’ was consider as a masterpiece to his fans. Produced by the amazing ‘Eleven’ team, Alain Johannes and the late Natasha Shneider, the album showed a very deep side of Cornell’s life and writing. combining pure bombastic rock with soft blues and touching melodies, harmonies and lyrics.

- Can't Change Me

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Now, Cornell is ready to reissue this important work, which will now be titled ‘Euphoria Mourning’, and will for the first time  will be out on a Vinyl Record. According to a statement on the singer’s Facebook page: “When Chris Cornell was about to release his 1999 solo debut, he was dissuaded from his first choice for the title, ‘Euphoria Mourning’. Now, 16 years later, Universal Music Enterprises is re-releasing the remastered album under its original name on August 14, for the first time on vinyl as well as reissuing digitally and on CD. Euphoria Mourning will be pressed on 180 gram vinyl and include a download card featuring 320 kbps MP4 audio ripped directly from the vinyl.

“The title of the record has been restored to its original spelling”, Says Cornell, “Which was changed before release after I listened to some bad advice”. We can’t wait.