'When Prince Invited Me to Play'. Andy McKee Plays an Amazing Version of Purple Rain

Image taken from YouTube

The Wonderful Story About How Prince Fell in Love With McKee's Playing and Invited Him to Work Together. Watch McKee's Unique Performance

Not a lot of fans know that famous YouTube musician, Andy McKee, played a few concerts with Prince, showing his unique skills on stage with the man himself. 10 days after Prince’s death, McKee presented a beautiful version for ‘Purple Rain’ on his acoustic guitar, a version that Prince got to hear when the two met.

In the new video, as seen on Guitar World, McKee not only plays his version to the classic song, but also tells the audience about his professional relationship with Prince, how Prince fell in love with McKee’s playing and also wanted to create an acoustic album with him. Towards the end of the video, McKee also presents a tutorial on how to play the song in his original style. Don’t miss this emotional performance.