Great Moments in Time: The Wonderful Ballads of ‘Roxette’

Celebrating the Duo’s 30th Anniversary and Going Back to Their Hit Ballads. Could You Imagine How Many Couples Had a Significant Moment While These Songs Were Playing? Play It with the Chords & Lyrics in Sync

It’s strange but it’s true: ‘Roxette‘, the pop/rock duo from Sweden, are marking their 30th Anniversary. Luckily, back in the 70’s, Per Gessle and Marie Fredriksson met in Sweden and not many years later they started supplying the world with great songs, hitting a new level the 90’s and creating one hit after the other, selling millions of records worldwide.

Play ‘Listen To Your Heart‘ with the Chords & Lyrics in Sync

- Listen To Your Heart

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Almost 30 years after the duo’s formation and they’re still going strong. These are non stop touring days for Per & Marrie as they are hitting plenty  of cities and venues around Europe, including London’s famous O2 on July 13th. Touring will continue till late August and the venues are expected to be packed. Get all the updates you need on Roxette's official website.

Play ‘It Must Have Been Love’ with the Chords & Lyrics in sync

Play ‘It Must Have Been Love’ with the Chords & Lyrics in sync

Looking back, it’s crazy how many hit singles and videos Roxette created in the late 80’s and early 90’s. But much more amazing is the fact that they stand the test of time. Not many artists that played MTV non stop back then could sell out the biggest European venues 30 years later.

Play ‘Spending My Time’ with the Chords & Lyrics in sync

Play ‘Spending My Time’ with the Chords & Lyrics in sync

It’s times like these that are perfect for going back to duo’s hit songs, especially the ballads. Could you imagine how many couples around the world had a significant moment in their relationship while these were playing in the background? Turn it up and play it with the Chords & Lyrics in sweet sync.

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