Filmmaker Bruce Sinofsky, Co-Creator of ‘Some Kind Of Monster’, Dead at 58

Sinofsky (second to left) with his partner Joe Berlinger and Metallica (photo by Gettyimages)

The Director, also one of the two behind the ‘Paradise Lost’ trilogy, died in his sleep due to complications of diabetes. May he Rest In Peace

Filmmaker Bruce Sinofsky has died at the age of 58. His movie partner Joe Berlinger told Variety Magazine that Sinofsky died in his sleep, due to complications of diabetes. The two directed the highly acclaimed music documentary ‘Some Kind Of Monster’ about Metallica, following the band through very difficult times in the recording process of their album, ‘St. Anger’.

The two also created the ‘Paradise Lost’ trilogy about the West Memphis Three, and were a major part of releasing Demien Echols, Jessie Misskelley Jr. and Jason Baldwin after the three were falsely accused of the murder of 3 little boys in West Memphis. They were sentenced to life in prison, and were finally released in 2011 after 18 years in jail. The trilogy also featured lots of Metallica songs on it’s soundtrack due to the Sinofsky and Berlinger’s love to the band.

Watch The Trailer for ‘Some Kind Of Monster’

Today, members of Metallica wrote on their official Facebook page: ‘We lost a valued member of our family today as award winning filmmaker Bruce Sinofsky passed away this morning.

‘Bruce, along with Joe Berlinger, was the architect of our film “Some Kind of Monster.” Smart, funny and dedicated, Bruce was with us almost every day in the early 2000’s and was an integral part of helping us to navigate the rough waters during those times. Although not very welcomed at times, he was there through some of the darkest times of Metallica. He became a dedicated comfort and visual lifeboat, while objectively observing the unraveling and rebuilding of our inner and outer selves. We admired Bruce and Joe’s work in “Brother’s Keeper,” but of course were blown away by what Bruce and Joe accomplished with the “Paradise Lost” trilogy of films. With their relentless work and attention to detail, Bruce and Joe’s films drew attention to the miscarriages of justice associated with the trial of three teens accused of murder and helped to lead to their eventual release from prison after over 18 years behind bars.

After “Some Kind of Monster,” Bruce went on to do more brilliant work on the Sundance Channel series “Iconoclasts,” and History’s “10 Days that Unexpectedly Changed America” along with numerous other film and television projects. Our thoughts and prayers are with Bruce’s family and friends. We will miss Bruce. A courageous man with deep empathy and wisdom who wasn’t afraid to dig deep to tell the story’.

Rest in Peace Bruce Sinofsky. Thank you for everything you did.