At 73, Paul McCartney Releases a Brilliant VR Project

Must Watch: Together With the 'Jaunt' App, McCartney Created a Six Episode Series, Where He Recalls the Moments When He Wrote Some of His Most Famous Songs, and Also Teaches How to Play Them, All With Virtual Reality

At the age of 73, with a record of changing the world behind him, Sir Paul McCartney keeps being the musical genius that he is. 

Introducing the Paul McCartney VR project. Together with the ‘Jaunt’ app, McCartney created a six episode series, brought exclusively by the app, where he recalls the moments when he wrote some of his most famous songs, and also teaches how to play them, all with virtual reality. Watch two episodes in this article. 

Perfectly described on ’The Guardian’: “Each clip, which ranges from three to six minutes, is filmed in 360 degrees. When watched with the app, viewers can swivel their head around and change directions to see all the details around the room. In all the clips there are little bits of animation – such as a magic light pen drawing pictures of the Beatles, or diagrams of chord progressions that appear and disappear – that are sprinkled throughout the environment.”