The Rockstar Daddy Life of Lars Ulrich

Photo by Gettyimages

"You're up on Stage, You're in the Moment, You're With Your Bandmates — and You Turn Into a Little Rock Gnome or Something. I'm Not Quite Like That at 7:15 in the Morning When I'm Trying to Get Kid Number Three to Finish His Fruit Bowl", Says the Metallica Drummer

It’s a hell of an exciting time for Metallica. On November 18th, the metal heroes will release their much anticipated 10th album - ‘Hardwired... to Self-Destruct’, produced by Greg Fidelman together with James Hetfield and Lars Ulrich. Until now, the band released two songs and videos from the album, ‘Hardwired’ and ‘Moth Into Flame’. They also played The Howard Stern show and the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, receiving great reviews on both performances. 

On a fantastic BBC Interview, Journalist Matt Everitt got in with the band about getting older. "We're still up there, man," Hetfield said, "As far as our look and our health, we're doing our best. We got grey hair but we've earned this stuff.  I've come to terms with aggression being a part of me”, He added, “I'm able to identify it and use it. Sharpen it at times, use it in the right places and otherwise you just shut the box on it for a while and try to be normal.”

“We don’t live and breathe super heavy metal 24 hours a day, and have devil horns coming out of our foreheads”, Lars Ulrich Added, “We're pretty chilled, normal dudes with a vast outlook on music from jazz to classical and pop to reggae. Metal is what we gravitate towards, and what we play. But most of us are borderline civilised people.”

Talking about his family life and how it all works together, Ulrich said: “The old cliche is ‘turn it up to 11’. I guess we turn it up to 12 or 13 on this album. But as I get a little older, I realise there's a slight element of getting into character. You're up on stage, you're in the moment, you're with your bandmates - and you turn into a little rock gnome or something. I'm not quite like that at 7:15 in the morning when I'm trying to get kid number three to finish his fruit bowl.”