Axl Rose Is AC/DC's New Singer, and Now Fans Want Their Money Back

Photo by Gettyimages

7,000 AC/DC Fans Requested a Refund for the Band's Upcoming Concert in Belgium

After Brian Johnson left the band, Axl Rose was recruited to front AC/DC. This is a fantastic time for Rose, as he also in the midst of the hyped Guns N’ Roses reunion tour. But now it seems, that a lot of AC/DC fans are not happy with this decision. 

According to NME, quoting the Belgian newspaper, De Standaard: 7,000 AC/DC fans requested a refund for the band’s upcoming concert in Belgium. 

Going on the road with Rose, AC/DC have 12 European dates coming up, starting tomorrow (May 6). More was reported that UK fans, where the band will arrive at June, also requested refunds.