5 Grunge Isolated Vocal Tracks That Will Melt Your Heart

Picture Taken from Pearl Jam's 'MTV Unplugged', 1992

We've Chosen 5 Heart Melting Performances That'll Make Your Heart Pound Even Faster While Listening Only to the Vocal Tracks

It was a few years ago that isolated tracks from the songs we all know and love started popping up on YouTube. Be Careful: If you like to go deep into your favorite music, this could be an addiction. From all the drums, guitars and bass tracks - It’s the vocals that go straight to the heart in the most meaningful way. The small breaths, the focus and the feeling of the singer letting it go in the vocal booth - It’s all there. 

In modern rock, Grunge leads one of the best paths to really feel strong emotions through the lead singer’s voices and deep lyrics. Not only that, the ‘Vocals Only’ track really does a good job in exposing the listener even more to the singer’s emotions, putting him completely in the spotlight, almost naked. 

We’ve chosen five heart melting performances that’ll make your heart pound even faster while listening only to the vocal tracks. Pearl Jam’s ‘Jeremy’, Soundgarden’s ‘Fell On Black Days’, Nirvana’s ’Something In The Way’, Alice In Chains’ ‘Would’ and Stone Temple Pilots’ ‘Interstate Love Song’, The last one is for the memory of Scott Weiland who recently passed

We would have love to analyze each song and track, but that’s really unnecessary. Just close your eyes and listen. It’ll change your day.