Sing and Play Along, Let It Go

Taken from the "Let It Go" music video

Looking back, what happened with “Frozen” is absolutely amazing. After years of production company’s like Pixar being in total control of the major animation world, comes good ol’ Walt Disney and produces a major, gigantic hit such as the Tale of sisters Anna & Elsa from Arendelle (Based on an original norwegian town by the way).

Everything that has and had to do with “Frozen” made it big: Millions of viewers and fans, kids (and parents) in love with the sweet characters, incredible merchandise sales (And christmas is just around the corner) and awesome reviews all around the globe.

As a parent, one can say that the film deserves every compliment it gets. it’s not everyday that the entire family can actually enjoy a musical movie together. 4 year old kids and 30 year old grownups. Although the movie hitted theaters on november last year – probably each day a new family falls in love with the film, appearing in their living room and on their laptops.

If you click “Frozen” on Google News, you’ll see that everyday more and more news are coming, For Example: hit it today and you will find out that a ‘Frozen’ ride is set to open at Walt Disney world and and the Major hit “Let It Go” will be featured in the coming up season of “Glee”.

Even if you did not like the movie, you probably could not avoid stumbling upon “Let It Go” – The soundtrack’s leading hit. Two versions were created: The original one, for the movie, performed by Idina Menzel. The actress that created the voice for princess turned queen – Elsa, and sings the words wonderfully. And the single version, created for a much more massive audience performed by Demi Lovato.

Get “Let It Go”, The Single Version, by Demi Lovato with the Chords & Lyrics in sync with the music!

- Let it go

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Like every major music success this past year, the songs are also hitting hits on YouTab. So get your kids together, break out the guitar or sit right by the keyboards. The chords & Lyrics are in perfect sync with the sounds coming from Arendelle, all written by Kristen Anderson-Lopez and Robert Lopez. Click to play, Let It Go.