The Rock Video of the Year? 'Against Me!' Presents '333'

Directed by Ione Skye and Starring Natasha Lyonne. - This Is Not a Video You'll See Everyday. Introducing '333' From the Band's Upcoming Album, 'Shape Shift With Me'

In 10 days, ‘Against Me!’ will release their new and seventh album, ‘Shape Shift with Me’. 12 songs, all lyrics written by singer and guitarist Laura Jane Grace, and all music composed by the band. Just in time, the band released a fantastic music video for, ’333’, one of the greatest songs on the album. 

And it’s not just ‘A Video’, the video was directed by the talented Ione Skye, which was the star of films like ’Say Anything’, ‘River’s Edge’ and ‘Four Rooms’, and it stars Natasha Lyonne (‘Orange Is the New Black’, ’Everyone Says I Love You’, ‘American Pie’). Actor Andrew Howard is in too. Watch this.