Top 5: Who’s The Biggest on YouTab?

A couple of months after YouTab’s first launched, and we are very proud to introduce the site’s top 5 most watched clips, all of them with chords and lyrics YOU published. Drum roll please, you are in for a surprise.

1. Orphaned Land – Brother

It is amazing how 20 years after going around the world, leaving home for long months and working non stop, “Orphaned Land” Doesn’t show any signs of getting tired. The band is becoming bigger and bigger by the day. After releasing their latest album, “All For One”,  the oriental metal pioneers are winning once again. The song “Brother”, which holds the number 1 spot on YouTab’s popular songs, has also been a turning point. when released, it has become a hit with not only fans of the band, but with music lovers in general.

When Orphaned Land was first introduced to YouTab, it acted right away and published the video for “Brother” on the site. Just like the song, the lyrics & chords for the video became a success and now holds thousands of views from users worldwide, and it keeps growing everyday. incredible.

2. Miley Cyrus – Wrecking Ball

About a week ago I was walking down the street and saw three young kids playing saxophone together on one of the sidewalk. they had to be 11 or 12 years old. while a nice crowd was gathering around them, the three young ones started playing Cyrus’s “Wrecking Ball” in sort of a jazzy big-bandish feel. everyone was smiling. Probably even the ones who dislike this massive hit.


That unusual musical event on the street is probably proves that if we’ll move aside Miley Cyrus’s image, the hall video clip hysteria, the nudity and the non stop sexusal themes, we’ll discover a pretty good song. it’s not only the hype, but the music itself, and in our world, nothing is more important. that is also why “Wrecking Ball” stands tall in our number 2 spot on the popular YouTab song chart. pick up your guitar, follow the lyrics & chords, give it a try.

3. Nirvana – Smells Like Teen Spirit

Number 3 on our popular list belongs (for now) to an anthem of a generation. it’s not a surprise that Nirvana’s lyrics and chords are still so loved by everybody. come to think of it, that Teen Spirit, a modern classic, represent the last time rebellious Rock and Roll music was in it’s prime.

‘Times they are a changin’, and the way were consuming music today has completely transformed, yet still songs like “Smells Like Teen Spirit” are here and will stay here for a long-long time. Let’s face it, besides the lyrics, the significance of Kurt Cobain and the band’s impact on the music world, the song’s opening guitar riff has become larger than life. it is a sound so familiar just like the sound of our own voices, that is for most of us. and apparently for a lot of YouTab Fans as well.

4. The Beatles – Yesterday

it seems like that for the past 48 years since its’ release, everything has been said and done about Paul Mccartney’s Yesterday. One of the most loved and covered songs in history. this song will probably be here forever.


Just because these lyrics and music are so well known, it is amazing seeing and hearing the song on the YouTab platform. understanding that with the help of technology we still have so many possibilities to immortalize our favorite music in a very advanced yet personal way. click on it, and go along with the song as it progresses. you’ll be surprised how it is possible to teach an old dog new tricks.

5. V. Migneron – Where Did You Sleep Last Night?

The number 5 on YouTab’s popular list is filled with joy and inspiration, that is because it is a performance by one of YouTab’s users, and not a recording by household names like Nirvana or The Beatles.

Vincent Migneron-Foisy aka V. Migneron is a singer and guitarist from Montreal, Canada. on his personal SoundCloud profile, you will find a lot of his performances to well known songs. one of these performances has been published on YouTab and was quickly ranked high.


Migneron presented his own interpretation to Nirvana’s cover of the american classic, “Where did you sleep last night?”. yes, Nirvana again. the band’s amazing impact is sensed not only with their own songs, but also with the songs they liked, such as this, played originally on the band’s famous unplugged concert. 20 years later, and it’s brought back to millions of ears in an entire different path. and so the wheels keeps turning.