Rihanna Gets Serious? You’ll Be The Judge. Play ‘American Oxygen’

Scenes from 9/11, The dead body of Dr. Martin Luther King and President Barack Obama’s first inauguration day. All of those captures can be seen in the new Rihanna video – ‘American Oxygen’. After releasing the very different ‘Bitch Where Is My Money’ just a few weeks ago, The young superstar presents her own version for ‘Born In The USA’ (Although she was born in Barbados).  Now you can play it with the chords & lyrics in perfect sync.

- American Oxygen

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It was suggested by The Guardian this week that the song also refers to the death of Eric Garner, The Man that died last year after a police officer put him in a chokehold. In the song, the lyrics ‘Breathe out, Breathe in’ might refer to ‘I Can’t Breathe’ –  the phrase that led a nation wide protest against the act and police brutally in general. ‘I Can’t Breathe’ were Garner’s last words.

The song was produced by two hip-hop master minds: Kanye West and Alex Da Kid. Is this an attempt by the singer and her massive crew to show a more serious side of her? Or just a simple marketing tool to get into the hearts of the American crowd? Click the play and decide.