Keyboard Shortcuts

You can always see keyboard shortcuts in the toolbar

In the YouTab editor you can use some of the most commonly known keyboard shortcuts such as:

·  Copy
   Ctrl + C  for Windows;
   Cmnd + C  for Mac;

·  Cut
   Ctrl + X  for windows;
   Cmnd + X
 for Mac;

·  Paste before
   Ctrl + V  for Windows;
   Cmnd + V  for Mac;

·  Duplicate
   Ctrl + B  for Windows; 
   Cmnd + B  for Mac;

·  Duplicate and Quantize
   Ctrl + Shift + B  for Windows;
   Cmnd + Shift + B  for Mac;

·  Undo
   Ctrl + Z  for Windows;
   Cmnd + Z  for Mac;

·  Redo
Ctrl + Shift + Z  for Windows;
   Cmnd + Shift + Z  for Mac;

·  Play/Pause: Spacebar

·  Merge with Previous Line: Backspace

·  Move one music block right: Tab

·  Move one music block left: Shift + Tab

·  Selecting more/less music blocks:
   "[" or "{" for selecting from the left;
   "]" or "}" for selecting from the right.
   Add Shift  if you would like to remove selection for any direction.

·  Set Line Time to Playhead Time: F1  for start and F2  for end

·  Decrease/Increase Line Start Time: F3  for Decrease and F4  for Increase

·  Decrease/Increase Time Stretch: F5  for Decrease and F6  for Increase

·  Select Previous Line & Play: F7

·  Play Selected Line: F8

·  Select Next Line & Play: F9

·  Insert Empty Line: Enter Key

·  Select Line:
   Shift + Cmnd + L  for Mac;
   Shift + Ctrl + L  for Windows;

·  Snap To Lines:
   Alt + Cmnd + L  for Mac;
   Shift + Ctrl + L  for Windows.