Sweetest Thing: This Is What Being a Dad Looks Like When You’re Megadeth’s Guitarist

How to Practice ‘Holy Wars…the Punishment Due’ and Be a Father at the Same Time? This Is How

Ever wondered how does one run a dad life while playing guitar for Megadeth? Now you can see. The band’s axe man Kiko Loureiro posted a video of him practicing one of the band’s classic songs at his home studio, while his young daughter joins in on keyboards and with faces for the camera. Loureiro called it: “How to practice ‘Holy Wars… The Punishment Due’ and be a father at the same time”. This is as sweet as it gets.

Lourerio, known for his work with metal band ‘Angra‘, joined ‘Megadeth‘ earlier this year as the band are in the studio, recording their 15th anticipated album. We can’t wait.