Tears of Faith: 24 Years Ago Eric Clapton Created This Masterpiece

When the Day Is Done, Watch the Eric Clapton Unplugged Concert. Let Clapton's Songs Lead Your Own Private Way Once Again. And If You Heaven't Seen Before - Be Prepared - It'll Change Your Life

It was this week 24 years ago, Mr. Eric Clapton and his band performed in front of small audience at the Bray Film Studios in Windsor, England. In that magical night, Clapton delivered one of his finest works, and one of the greatest guitar albums of all time -  Eric Clapton, MTV Unplugged. 

The performance took place less than a year after Clapton lost his 4 year old son, Conor, that died after falling from the 53rd-floor window of his mother's friend's New York City apartment. In that unplugged night, Clapton performed the song for Conor, ‘Tears In Heaven’ and brought millions to tears first seeing the show on MTV. With that terrible grief and sorrow, Clapton poured his heart out. And you can’t miss it. 

Another touching moment that evening was Clapton and the band’s heavily reworked version for ‘Layla’. And also a fantastic performance of ‘Running on Faith’. That night Clapton was joined by Andy Fairweather Low on guitar and harmonica, Nathan East on bass, Steve Ferrone on drums, Ray Cooper on percussion, Chuck Leavell on piano and Katie Kisson and Tessa Niles on backup vocals. 

The album was (and still is) a huge success. Clapton won Grammy awards and sold more than 26 millions copies worldwide. We remember it well, those of us sitting in front of MTV in the 90’s, watching the videos from that night over and over again, mesmerised by Clapton’s emotion and capabilities. 

So tonight, when the day is done, watch that show. Or even just play the songs during the day. Let Clapton’s songs lead your own private way once again. And if you heaven’t seen before - be prepared - It’ll change your life.