Eagles of Death Metal Documentary

“Music should strike fire from the heart of man, and bring tears from the eyes of woman” - Beethoven. Music is there to open our minds, to connect our souls, and to move our hearts. It is a universal language with no boundaries and brings people together. Music should ignite fiery passions, but on November 13 2015, it was a fiery passion of a different kind that struck music, in what we all know as the terror attack in Paris, at the Bataclan club. While Eagles of Death Metal (an American rock band) was performing on stage that night, terrorists opened fire on the crowd, killing 89 people and holding the survivors hostage for hours.

HBO released on February 2017 a documentary “Eagles of Death Metal: Nos Amis (Our Friends)”, which recounts the band’s experience before and after the tragic attack in Paris two years earlier. We are first introduced to the band and discover how the group came together. Focusing on the extreme brotherly bond of Rock n’ Roll fusion between the band co-founders, Jesse Hughes and Josh Homme, depicting how they grew together from boys to men and then, as a band. The bond is so strong, we can feel the almost visceral connection between the two and how they completed and complemented one another throughout the years. We can enjoy seeing them devoted to their music and to their fans, which Hughes greets in each show with “I fucking love you motherfuckers!”. They give their best, they give their souls and they give their hearts to every show and every record. In the first half of the documentary we are connected to the understanding of who are the people behind the badass image of the Rock N’Roll band, how they view their relationship with their audience and how hopeful, joyful and free-spirited they all are when reunited after the tragic events of the Bataclan.

It was the chaos, fear, panic, war which tragically altered the band and it is here where the documentary takes a dramatic turn. All the good energy and the good vibes that music creates is suddenly victim of terrorism and extreme ideology. Fire on the culture, fire on the people, fire on what connects humanity on so many levels. Survivors from the attack talk, one after another recounting the events of that terrible night and about what they saw, how they felt and how they managed to escape the bloody attack on the Bataclan. We get to know and experience what happened, how the event turned into a tragedy within a matter of minutes. Grenades, suicide belts and gun fire took over the culture and cohesion, leaving behind pain, fear, and wounds that will remain in the minds of those who witnessed the unforgettable.

This was truly a moving documentary that touches everyone and that shows how music and culture are more powerful that terror. Lovers of music from every horizon MUST go watch Eagles of Death Metal: Nos Amis (Our Friends)!