Chris Cornell Announces New Solo Album: ‘Higher Truth’

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Six years after his last studio record, Chris Cornell, leading man of Soundgarden, will release a new solo album this year. According to Cornell‘s official Instagram profile, the new album will be called ‘Higher Truth’. It will be released this September and will be ‘An unplugged, up close and personal setting’. While waiting penitently to listen to what Cornell has in store for us, we recommend playing one of his best most touching solo songs with the Chords & Lyrics in sync. Here is ‘Can’t Change Me‘.

- Can't Change Me

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The solo album will obviously be very different from the last one. Back in 2009, The singer-songwriter turned into dance and electronic music as he teamed up with hip-hop and pop producer, Timbaland on the album ‘Scream’. Since then he returned to his rockin’ roots, releasing another wonderful album with ‘Soundgarden’ and a live solo album called ‘Songbook’ which included Cornell’s acoustic versions to his songs.