Meet The YouTab Crew

YouTab is the new home for Active Music Lovers. a social music platform for anyone who is passionate about music. If you are engaged with music, play an instrument (or want to start playing), like singing along, meeting other music fans, or only want to buy, sell or exchange music related products – you are in the right place

Ofer Oved – CEO
Previous positions: CEO at Mccann Erickson Group, VP Business Affairs at AOL. Holds a Master degree in Communications & Marketing from the Hebrew University.

Sefi Golan – Co Founder,  VP Business Development
Music & Entertainment entrepreneur. Holds a B.Sc in Business and Economics.

Yotam Laufer – Co Founder, VP R&D
Yotam Holds 15 years of industry experience developing websites, widgets and RIA. Musician and DJ. His dog – “Saban” is the company’s mascot.

Tal Agam – VP Product
Tal heads the product devision and plans future product, features and execution for the YouTab platform. Previously editor of economics and product manager at Nana10, Tal also served as head of product and content at a leading online marketing company, IBP. A classical trained pianist, Tal performs and teaches regularly.

Elad Laufer – Chief Architect
Elad Is YouTab’s Chief Architect. He will listen to any song that you will publish, true story. Previously Head of QA and Product Architect at WIX.

Moish Vexler – UI/UX Architect
Interface & UX/UI designer with over 20 years of experience. Passionate for the new, experimental and different in modern art and design concepts and implementations. Listens to very weird music.

Or Barnea – Chief Content Manager
Obsessed with music & tech since day one. Previously the head music writer and corespondent for Ynet News & Blazer Magazine. Was also the host of Radio Tel-Aviv’s rock show – “Ear Drum”. Plays drums, Loves Peanut Butter.

Matthew Cohen Santorelli – Industry Adviser
Matthew has a background in design, finance, music, and technology; conceptualizing, implementing, and overseeing high-priority, detail oriented projects bridging several business sectors. He is often called upon as a Consultant or Advisor to Technology Startups as well as several prominent individuals and companies.

Laura Garcia – CSS Developer
With over 15 years experience in graphic, web and interface design – Laura is one of a kind. She has particular sensitivity to give life & love and to any creative projects. Organized, dedicated, pro-active and happily multitasking person.

Tania Grinberg – Developer
Talented code writer. In charge of the cookies supply to the office. She is also a former chemist, And no – she will not make you the stuff you’ve seen on ‘Breaking Bad’.

Tomai Moneyhon – QA Manager
Tomai enjoys breaking the site on a usual basis (for work obviously). He studied sound engineering and was always a tech/music gear freak who always wants to have the latest of gear to mess around with and sometimes break them (not for work obviously).

Rutha Berger – Designer
Rutha knew she wanted to be a graphic designer ever since she had her hands on NIN’s “With Teeth” album. After 4 sleepless years at Shenkar college of Design, and several more working as a UI/UX designer, She had finally found herself in the music industry.

Noam Vardy – Tabber, QA Engineer and Magazine Writer
Born and raised musician in Tel-Aviv. Has studied music from age 10. Plays bass, guitar, piano and mandolin. Member and co-producer of the folk-pop band “Labrador Laboratories”. The band tours Europe every year. Finds inspiration in nature, cinema and food. An avid record collector and animal lover. Favorite chord: Amaj7.

Elad Manor – Tabber, Magazine Writer
Elad is a 30-year-old musician, an occasional voice over artist and an avid music fan. When he is not busy playing bass and touring the world with his heavy metal band Hammercult, Elad spends his days at the YouTab office waiting for lunch time.

Arie Aranovich – Tabber
Guitarist, Sound Engineer and Producer. Former guitar player for Israeli metal acts The Fading and Hammercult.

Yotam Nagor – Tabber
Yotam has been with the YouTab Crew since January 2014. Besides work, he shreds the guitar in metal band “Shredhead”. He loves metal and long walks on the beach.