Spotify Acquires French Start-Up

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is rising in every industry to change the future and the way we interact today. It is a form of intelligence exhibited by machines that engineers have developed and are using to change the way we do business and interact with other users. It can be found in every industry, from smartphones (i.e., Siri) to self-driving cars.

Spotify, the well-known digital music service, has recently just acquired a French start-up, Niland, which specializes in AI for music services. Why such an interest for AI in the music industry? Niland provides an accurate search and better music recommendations for users. As Spotify aims to expand its music personalization scope, it has gained interest in the Paris-based start-up. Now, through the integration of Niland in Spotify, users will receive better content through the autonomous machine learning system. Niland’s algorithm was built upon “listening” to a thousand playlists and extracting information to form connections and analyse users’ patterns and music preferences.

In an official statement, Niland’s team has reported that they have achieved their goal of “enabling computers to listen to music in a human way. Understanding the music content itself was the missing link to developing more sophisticated listening experiences.”