Towards a Revaluation: 'Scandal' Taking the World by Storm

Image taken from the band's official FB page

One of the Leading Crews of the Japanese Music Revaluation Are Called 'Scandal'. The Rocking Girl Band Started Their Way 10 Years Ago, and Keeps Growing Bigger, Brining the Hype to a Peak. The Band Just Finished a Massive Tour in Asia, With a Grand-Finale in Bangkok at Thailand's BBC Hall

There is no doubt, we are heading towards a major change with Japanese music. In the past years, and even more so in the past months, Japanese artists and bands are getting more hype than ever in the USA and UK. Beyond the great power of social media, and the amazing amount of devoted rock and pop fans in Japan, after a long time, the worldwide music industry is finally discovering that music coming from Japan is just good. A lot of the time, it includes much more quality than your day to day american pop.

One of the leading crews of the Japanese music revaluation are called ’Scandal’. The rocking girl band started their way 10 years ago, and keeps growing bigger, Brining the hype to a peak. The band just finished a massive tour in Asia, with a grand-finale last week in Bangkok at Thailand’s BBC Hall.

Coming September, they will storm Europe, hitting the Netherlands, Germany, Poland, Austria, Italy, France, Spain and the UK, Playing the Islington Academy on the 24th. 

The band includes Haruna (Vocals, Guitar), Mami (Guitar, Vocals), Tomomi (Bass, Vocals) and Rina (Drums, Vocals). If you are yet unfamiliar with the band’s record -  It is described best on their official Facebook page

In a nutshell: From getting together at the same vocal and dance school in Osaka and performing on the streets, they have become one of Japan’s biggest names, with a cult following of millions of fans. Play their videos today, and try catching them live when they come to your city. You won’t regret.