Artist Profile: The Electrifying Life of 'Highway Superstar'

Photo by Ofir Abe

It's Been a Hell of Year for Alex Karlinsky. Brining the 80's Sound Back on Track, 'Highway Superstar' Is Going Strong With Tons of Plays Online, a Second Album and One Great Song Featured on the 'Kung Fury' Soundtrack

The name is Alex Karlinsky, but you can call him ‘Highway Superstar’. It’s been a hell of year for the electronic musician. Brining the 80’s sound back on track, ‘Highway Superstar’ is going strong with tons of plays on Soundcloud, a second album and one great song called 'Careful Shouting' featured on the ‘Kung Fury’ soundtrack. Based in Israel, Karlinsky is working hard on putting more and more music out there while climbing to the top of vintage pop world. 

I’ve been a musician for a long time, but I've been making music as Highway Superstar for about 3 years now”, He says, “Since I'm an 80's child and I've always been a nostalgic person and I wanted to bring that retro vibe to today's world. So I started doing stuff for fun, then posted online. It kinda took off from there and these days I've just released my 2nd full-length album. I mainly work with software that emulates old hardware gear, though lately I've been buying a bunch of keyboards and analog synthesizers from the 80's to incorporate in my music”.

Why 80's? And what do you think makes that almost vintage music sounds good today?

“Good music is good music, It's not going anywhere. Look around, the Beatles are still everywhere you go. People reference classics like Michael Jackson and Prince whenever good pop songs are talked about. I think people will always be appealed to the past. It's also very human to idealize it, so people look (mostly) positively in the musical history of the past. It also helps that retro, 80's and even 70's is a trend in the modern music industry now, if you take a look at albums like Taylor Swift's 1989, soundtracks like Cliff Martinez's Drive, the sound choices for many of the top 100 billboard hits etc. There's definitely a feel of magic there, but in a deeper way than just a passing fad. Or so I'd like to believe”.

Tell us about making music for the ‘Kung Fury’ Soundtrack

“I’ve been fortunate to have been contacted by David Sandberg, the mastermind behind Kung Fury. He is a big supporter of retro-electronic acts and he liked my music to the point of asking me to produce a track for it. I was really blown away when I watched the trailer for the first time, and have been lucky to be featured on the soundtrack next to my friends Mitch Murder, Lost Years and Betamaxx”.

And what's next in line for 'Highway Superstar'? 

“My album ‘Endgame’ has just been released on the US/Canadian label Rosso Corsa Records who's responsible for many many retrosynth genre classics. I also just released a new music video. Meanwhile I'm already thinking about new projects and new music”.