Why Queen is Still The Best Band in The World?

Well You Can Say Whatever You Want, But We Only Had One Freddie Mercury

Music is amazing. Ask your parents about the good ol’ days of rock, when bands like Queen, Led Zeppelin, Aerosmith, Santana, Van Halen etc., and they’ll definitely tell you why those days were the best. For them however, it isn’t just music, its nostalgia, it is the times and the simplicity of youth.

While the music today is great and maybe even better than the older times, there is still no beating the music which we had 30 to 50 years back. The reason for that is music represents each era separately, the thoughts, the likes and dislikes of a whole era, to say a 5 minute song has all the information about a period of 10 years, is amazing.

Let’s talk about Queen; It was listened to all over the world, loved intensely in England, all because of one Freddie Mercury, the legendary singer who had a tragic end, with the gift of his voice and his remarkable lyrics (which may not make sense to a lot of people today) which had echoed in our years for dozens of years.

The reason why Queen is the best band that has ever existed would be a stretch for some people, because everyone has their own likes and dislikes and there are many other amazing singers and songs that enriched our lives during that time. But the lyrical expertise of Freddie can never be superseded. Everyone loves Queen for different reasons; but for me, the simple and complex combinations, ups and downs, lyrical genius, melodic tones and Freddie’s amazing voice, throws anyone, young or old, into a trance.

A lot of Queen's listeners today, some might not even been born during the band’s prime, still love the band without any limitations to age, time and sex. Rock and roll will never die, and the band wagon will always have Freddie mercury driving.