Ariana Grande Is a Dangerous Woman

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It's Official: Ariana Grande Will Release Her New Album, 'Dangerous Woman,' Very Soon. Here Is a Guided Tour

This album is Grande’s new wonderful and it features artists like Lil Wayne, Nicki Minaj, Macy Gray and Future. It contains a total of 15 songs, four of which are already out there to stream and buy.

Ariana Grande is known for her unique harmonies, especially in the modern Pop industry. Without a doubt, she is true to herself and always looking to find her own sound. We gathered all the songs for you in a special playlist, just four days before the debut:

1. Moonlight
Imagine a dark night with a modest light coming from the moon, guiding you back home. 3:22 minutes is the length of this song and we are eager to hear it as well as you do. For those of you who wants to buy this song, you will have to purchase the whole album ($12.99) when May 20 arrives.

2. Dangerous Woman
Here is the A Cappella version: 
Priced at: $1.29, pleasure time: 3:55.

3. Be Alright
This single came out 8 weeks ago:
Priced at: $1.29, pleasure time: 2:57.

4. Into You
This single was published on May 6:
Priced at: $1.29, pleasure time: 4:04

5. Side To Side (Feat. Nicki Minaj) [explicit]
Listening to that song was a fresh breeze, considering the “regular” Pop songs you have all over the world. This song, believe it or not, is actually written in an old-fashioned, reggae rhythm. Combining Grande’s and Nicki Minaj’s fresh vocals, you get a really stunning arrangement. It is a perfect name for a perfect album and a perfect song. A deep rap female vocals with Grande’s high pitched voice really pops out when you hear this tune. Priced at: $12.99 (full album), pleasure time: 3:46.

6. Let Me Love You (feat. Lil Wayne)
A subtle touch of electronica is incorporated in this song very well. You have to wait 4 days to see the stunning video that Grant Singer directed. It gained over 2M likes on her Instagram page alone. 
Priced at: $1.29, pleasure time: 3:43.

7. Greedy
Stars up with a beautiful vocal harmony that sends you directly to the 1st verse without any hesitations. The bass synth following this amazing intro is fat and jumpy - a perfect combination with the drums on that one. Priced at: $12.99 (full album), pleasure time: 3:34.

8. Leave Me Lonely (feat. Macy Grey)
Priced at: $12.99 (full album), pleasure time: 3:49.

9. Everyday (feat. Future) [explicit]
The beat on this song is really hardcore and minimalistic. A one that will keep you dancing the entire night in the club. The world premiere took place at Beats 1 radio on May 13th, gaining Grande's Instagram post over 450k likes. The lyrics are pretty simple: “...Oh you give it to me - everyday, everyday, everyday...” and it goes on.
Priced at: $12.99 (full album), pleasure time: 3:14.

10. Sometimes
This song is perfect for a nice relaxed evening at home - better be with a cup of warm chocolate to comfort yourself and embrace for the next song. The beautiful lyrics: “I ain't even think of leaving sometimes, I ain’t even think of letting go, I never thought of going nowhere I won’t even see you down the road”, reminds a good relationship of a beloved one. Priced at: $12.99 (full album), pleasure time: 3:46. 

11. I Don’t Care [explicit]
Priced at: $12.99 (full album), pleasure time: 2:58. 

12. Bad Decisions [explicit]
Priced at: $12.99 (full album), pleasure time: 3:46. 

13. Touch it
Priced at: $12.99 (full album), pleasure time: 4:20. 

14. Knew Better / Forever Boy
Priced at: $12.99 (full album), pleasure time: 4:59. 

15. Thinking Bout You [explicit]
Priced at: $12.99 (full album), pleasure time: 3:20. 

Stay tuned to see all the chords and lyrics of the 'Dangerous Woman' album on utab when it debuts on May 20.