Behold: Top 5 Most Metal Guitars Coming from Dean

All images taken from Dean Guitars official site

If you’ve been playing the electric guitar for sometime now, you’ve probably heard of Dean Guitars – The american manufacturer that was founded back in the 70’s in Chicago. The company produces acoustic guitars, basses and amps but their most notable creation are the thundering sounding electric guitars, especially in the metal world. You would always see the great late Dimebag Darrell and Mr. Dave Mustaine playing their own vicious models, but the company holds a couple more well designed and explosive metal guitars you should keep your eye on. Here is our pick for the top 5.

The Cadillac 1980 3 Pickup – Classic Black


True, this 24 and ¾” scale length model doesn’t necessarily addresses only hard rock and metal players, but there are a couple of things about it that will make you spontaneously combust. First – the shape. Something between Gibson’s Les Paul’s and The Explorer’s, this shape is made from mahogany (Top, body & Neck) and  has rock written all over it. Secondly – The pickups. We are big fans of 3 humbuckers on any guitar, and these golden high-output are seriously heavy. To top it all – It’s black, and black is good.

The Dimebag Dime Camo Floyd ML


Together with Dimebag’s rebel model, this might just be Dean’s most known around young metal fans. Pantera‘s Dimebag used to shred it on a regular basis, showing the world who’s the boss. This is as hardcore as it gets. the guitar features a basswood body, basswood neck and a maple scale length of 24 3/4″. Classic.



Megadeth’s Dave Mustaine created lots of guitars together with Dean, including double necks, but this one is our favorite and is used by Mustaine a lot at Megadeth’s concerts. The guitar includes a figured flame maple Arch top w/ F-Holes, a Mahogany neck and body, and a 25 and half scale length. This is truly the one for a Symphony Of Destruction.

The Custom 550 Floyd – Metallic White


Sure, there are plenty of other guitars at Dean that are more vicious looking and even more explosive sounding, but there’s something incredible about this model’s shape and sound. Dean’s crew says the guitar “embodies stunning looks and pro features that are uncommon at its price point from most other brands”. With a top arched mahogany body, mahogany neck and a maple scale length of 25 1/2″. Don’t you just love it?

The Trident 7 String Wayne Findlay


I mean, just look at the thing. does it get any heavier than this? This signature Wayne Findlay model is new and it holds one of the most outrageous designs we have ever seen. This is probably for heavy heads only. 7 strings on this bad boy with a mahogany top, body & neck and a 25 1/2″ scale length. Killer.