Only Good News: This Blind Little Drummer Boy Will Melt Your Heart

This Is a Story About a 9 Year Old Boy From Japan That Does Not Let His Disability Stop Him From Pursuing His Dream. Please, Don't Miss This

This is what we want to do. We want to report touchy stories likes these everyday. This is a story about a little boy from Japan that does not let his disability stop him from pursuing his dream, as he became a remarkable drummer. Watch the videos and prepare to be amazed. 

According to RocketNews24: “The boy was diagnosed with a debilitating cancer (Retinoblastoma) in an early age that robbed him of his sight in both eyes. The drum kit became the boy’s passion and at four years of age he was wailing away on the instrument with precision that belies his young years and his visual disability”.

More was reported that: “Through playing the drums, he wants to become a person who gives courage and helps fulfil the wishes of lots of people. It’s been over a year since his last video, but his family plans to upload more videos again soon”.