What Are The Top 5 Albums for The Holidays?

Ho Ho Ho! Merry Christmas. Yes, we know, it’s not the time yet. Although the snowy holidays are two months away – Shopping season, as every year, will start any day now. As Santa Claus prepares to leave his home in the north pole, street and online stores across the world are piling up with the latest merchandise, including of albums from all genres.

It’s a tough time for artists to make money by just selling records, and it will probably go on forever. Still, releasing new songs just before christmas, especially for major artists is the right thing to do. here are the Top 5 Albums for the christmas spotlight. We bet you’ll see them everywhere very soon.

Nicki Minaj

Album: The Pinkprint

Release Date: November 24

Ms. Minaj dropped the boom not long ago when she released the video clip for “Anaconda”, her provocative yet funny hit, a tribute to the Sir Mix A Lot’s classic song – “Baby Got Back”. Just like Lady Gaga, Minaj and her entourage are very well known with the rules of the major music game. Love it or hate it – in order to hype yourself as an iconic pop sensation, skin will have to be shown. Minaj of course is all in favor.

Play "Anaconda" with the Chords & Lyrics in Perfect sync!

Play “Anaconda” with the Chords & Lyrics in Perfect sync!

If you haven’t watched the video for “Anaconda” yet – Now’s the time. do it on YouTab, with chords and lyrics in perfect sync. The song of course is just the tip of the iceberg off the Young Money star. produced by multiple musicians, and hyped non stopped around the web. Minaj is just about to get bigger than ever.

Foo Fighters

Sonic Highways

Release Date: November 10

We absolutely can not think of a  larger rock release in the last couple of years than The Foo’s “Sonic Highways”.  Not only Dave Grohl and the crew are about to come out with a new album which was recorded in different studio around the US (Hence “Sonic Highways”) but they embarked with a new mini series with the same title on HBO.

Play the album's first single - "Something From Nothing", With the Chords & Lyrics in perfect sync!

Play the album’s first single – “Something From Nothing”, With the Chords & Lyrics in perfect sync!

After Grohl’s experience as a director in “Studio City” – the documentary on the famous recording studio in California, Grohl went on on directing a series that will dive into American’s rock history – and the places it was made. He even got an interview with one Mr. Barack Obama, Speaking about american music. That’s Grohl for you. Getting anything he sets his heart on. The album will contain eight songs, each recorded in a different city: Austin, Chicago, Los Angeles, Nashville, New Orleans, New York, Seattle, and Washington, DC. Butch Vig is once again in charge of the production.

Taylor Swift


Release Date: October 27

Have you “Shaken It Off” already? Seems like everybody did. The all american sweetheart, Taylor swift will put out “1989”, a title tribute to the year that she was born (how old are we?).

Play "Shake It Off" with the Chords & Lyrics in Perfect Sync!

Play “Shake It Off” with the Chords & Lyrics in Perfect Sync!

Setting back from her country roots, Swift’s no.5 album is supposed to be a full on POP album, spreading that way to a bigger crowd. “Shake it Off” did extremely well, debuting number 1 on the Billboard Hot 100, promising swift’s “1989” a place under the tree on Christmas day. Will this be Swift’s biggest home run till now? Wait and See.

Various Artists

The Art Of McCartney

Release Date: November 17

FACT: A gazillion tribute albums were made by now to honor the great music of The Beatles. But – As it seems, this next one is a bit different. Double album “The Art Of Mccartney” will feature songs of the great Sir Paul not only from his time as a Beatle, but also from his endless solo career.

Most terrific thing about this project are the artists performing: KISS, Bob Dylan, Willie Nelson, B.B King, Brian Wilson, Jeff Lyne, Billy Joel – all those major artists take part in playing The Fab Four’s song written by Mccartney. It is incredible how much love and respect Mccartney gained not only by hundred millions of fans, but also by his most prestigious colleagues. It’s a cliche, but it’s a true: There are no greater songs than The Beatles songs on family gatherings such as the holidays. Except for a surprise, each song at a time.

Pink Floyd

The Endless River

Release Date: November 10

Lately Roger Waters reminded us all on his Facebook page to “Not be confused, he is not a part of ‘Pink Floyd’. He left the band 29 years ago, “It’s not rocket science”, so he says. All true, yet because Pink Floyd remains one of the most nostalgic rock bands of all time, Mr. Waters will always be a part of the fans hearts and minds.

And the show must go on: “The Endless River” will be Floyd’s first studio album in 20 years (!), and the first since the passing of brilliant keyboardist Richard Wright in 2008. Wright’s playing will be featured on the album, together with veterans David Gilmour and drummer Nick Mason. Legendary producer Bob Ezrin stepped in to play some of the tracks on bass and most of the album will feature instrumental music. Keep in mind: All Of the writing and recording was done 20 years ago, during “The Division Bells” sessions. Last year Mason and Gilmour decided to revisit the music and make it an official Pink Floyd release. A major step indeed for the neverending band.