Before Flea: Chad Smith Played an Amazing Version of the National Anthem at the NBA's

Back in the Early 90's, Drummer Chad Smith Opened the Game Between the Detroit Pistons and the Atlanta Hawks. Get Ready to Be Amazed

Red Hot Chili Peppers bassist, Flea, keeps making headlines. The musician and LA Lakers fan played a crazy, Jimi Hendrix inspired version of ‘The Star Spangled Banner’. Flea played the version at Los Angeles’ Staples Centre before Kobe Bryan’t last NBA game. Although Flea’s performance was special and inspiring, a lot of fans online didn’t like it. Flea of course responded and said: ‘I don’t care man’, he was quoted on TMZ, “I thought it was beautiful. I really don't have any concern for little small minds that get frustrated when they get blown. I like the big minds."

But way before Flea played his version of the National Anthem at the basketball court, there was another Red Hot Chili Peppers member who did it brilliantly. 

Back in the early 90’s, Drummer Chad Smith, who grow up in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, Opened the game between the Detroit Pistons and the Atlanta Hawks. The young Smith delivered a spectacular show, drumming the National Anthem in his unique groove and style while a playback was playing in the background. Get ready to be amazed.