Don’t You Forget About Me: The Return Of The Breakfast Club

In Just Weeks Time, the Film’s Star and the Band That Performed It’s Classic Song, Will Come Together on Stage to Revive One of the Greatest Movies of All Time

For millions around the world, ‘The Breakfast Club’ (Released exactly 30 years ago) was, still and always will be the most touching movie of their lives. Written and directed by the late John Hughes and included the group of actors known as the ‘Brat Pack’, the film presented the story of High School kids spending the day in detention, discovering one another and their own selves.

Not only did the film remained a part of our every day lives, but also it’s leading song, ‘Don’t You (Forget About Me)’, written by Keith Forsey and Steve Schiff and performed by ‘Simple Minds‘. The song was a massive hit, reaching the number one spot on the Hot 100 Billboard chart. Remember the video for the song? Click and play it with the lyrics and chords in perfect sync.

30 Years after – ‘Simple Minds’ will play this modern classic in two weeks (May 17), live at the Billboard Music Awards. And get this: The performance will be introduced by the film’s star, Molly Ringwald, The redheaded actress that was the most lovable girl of the 80’s High School films.

The Breakfast Club: The Official Movie Poster

The Breakfast Club: The Official Movie Poster

In case you didn’t know, Ringwald herself turned into singing these past years, focusing on Jazz music. It was probably inevitable combining the lovable movie in her new adventure and two years ago she recorded her own version of ‘Don’t You (Forget About Me)’ which was included in her album, ‘Except Sometimes‘. Here’s a video of her performing the version on stage and telling the story behind it. And so 30 years later, the legend lives on.