The New Technology for Parents and Kids to Make Electronic Music Together

Image taken from the 'Dato Duo' Facebook page

The Dato DUO Is a Synthesizer for Two. A Flashy Sequencer Paired With a Gritty-Sounding Synth. ‘We Designed the Dato DUO to Be Enjoyed by Kids Aged 3 to 99 and up’, Says the Company. Watch

It’s not everyday you see a professional music making machine that was built for both kids and their parents (and their grandparents!). But that’s exactly what the new product ‘Dato DUO’ is doing. And you can already pre order this cute synth for two. Watch below how it works.

According to the company: “The Dato DUO is a synthesizer for two. A flashy sequencer paired with a gritty-sounding synth. We believe synthesizers are too much fun to be left to grown-ups alone. You don't have to be an experienced musician: we designed the Dato DUO to be enjoyed by kids aged 3 to 99 and up.”

“We reached our funding goal on Kickstarter and are finishing the design of the Dato DUO as we speak. Pre-order now to be one of the first to get one around May 2017.”