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Rihanna Being so Underrated.

On the 59th annual Grammy awards 2017 Rihanna’s oh so long-waited album “Anti” with her number one hit “Work” that was created by her collaboration with Drake, one of the most popular rappers of today, didn’t win a single award. So was this album a big fail of such a talented artist as Rihanna or was it just underrated.

The thing is the actual song that was being judged was a big hit but it was “just another party song”. It is something fun to dance to and fool around with your friends but is it really that great? It is not one of Rihanna’s best songs and definitely won’t become a classic. Some of her fans were complaining that they couldn’t understand half of the lyrics and the music video was “a bit too much”.

Nevertheless, some of the other songs on the album were breathtaking, they had soul in them, they had a deep meaning and showed us how beautiful RiRi’s voice is. One of them would be “Higher”, a song written by Bibi Bourelly for Rihanna (she also wrote the huge hit “Bitch Better Have My Money”). Being almost the shortest and the least poetic (as the young songwriter admits herself) song on the album, it reflects so much emotion and power of the artist’s voice. The song is about love that is described as it is, without any complicated metaphors or difficult words-only pure love.

The song “Love on the Brain” shows Rihanna’s entire voice palette. The sounds that her vocal cords make take you on a 3:44 minute trip to a musical Neverland, leaving you with a sweet aftertaste. The combination of the Caribbean Queen’s crispy voice with the musical accompaniment will give you goose bumps. The lyrics itself is very poetic and can be seen as romantic, melancholic, just sad or maybe even sexual. Regardless, it is clearly one of her best songs she has ever released.

The song that has the “deepest” lyrics is “Consideration” that The Barbados Babe released with SZA. Her true feelings are shown in the words. She’s talking about what she feels like in the music industry, in her intimate relationship and life in general. The composition is catchy, the beat is rhythmic and her voice is as beautiful as always.

Another song that will catch your eye is “Close to You”. It is different than the others because it’s slow. The lyrics are very touching, as she tells us about her one sided love and shows her more vulnerable personality. This is obviously another great song on the album.

From my point of view , "Anti" might have not won a Grammy award, neither did any of the songs in the album, but it is indisputably an excellent album that was simply underrated.