This Might Just Be the Best ‘Metallica’ Cover Ever

Metallica Photo by Gettyimages

There Are No Words to Explain How Well This Is Performed. Just Click the Video and Let the Music Play

The name is John R. Hazzard, a very talented ukulele player that creates videos of himself playing famous songs. But – these are not your usual YouTube cover videos. Hazzard plays and overdubs multi tracks on his ukulele, playing the rhythm sections, harmonies, melodies and even solos originally made by a shredding band like Metallica (In this case). He also taps the drum parts with his fingers on the ukulele.

His latest video is an incredible interoperation of Metallica‘s classic, ‘One‘. There are no words to explain how well this is performed. Just click the video and let the music play. You can also catch up with other uklele videos by Hazzard (and of his cool band: ‘Ukes Of Hazzard’) on his YouTube channel.