What’s up this week?

•The new Rihanna’s video with DJ Khaled is out! Get ready for the summer hit of 2017! Wild Thoughts video is colourful, has some sexy jam and will keep you warm for this summer to come. Prepare yourself guys, Rihanna’s song is on!

•It is official! Beyoncé and Jay Z have welcomed twins earlier this week, a boy and a girl. We bet that Blue Ivy must be thrilled to have some siblings to play with now.

•On the 21st of June, the Fête de la Musique (Music Festival) will take place in France, like every year. It is a day dedicated to music and to discover new trends and news artists. This event was launched in France in the 80s and is now spreading worldwide! It includes free outdoor concerts, music lessons and is a way to connect people together. So on the 21st make sure you have some events around you to go to so you can enjoy music in all its beauty!