Have Mercy on us, Full House

Image taken from "Full House"

How cool was That show “Full House”? Super sweet guys (with a filthy and an amazing act in real life, hence Bob Saget) and super sweet girls (on a road becoming superstars for life, hence the Olsen Twins) appearing on our screen once a week,bringing the super sweet fun to the our living room. Yep – there was a time family’s would actually sit in front of the TV screen together in a certain day, in certain time. Weird, Huh?

Play The Full House Theme with the Lyrics & Chords in Perfect Sync!

Well, it appears that almost 20 years after the show went off the air, members of the Tanner household might be coming back. According to “TV Guide Magazine”, the ABC Network and John Stamos (Uncle Jesse) are working on building the comeback with creator Jeff Franklin and executive producer Bob Boyett. If all goes well, the original cast or at least most of it, will reunite on our screens once again.

Just as the show was lovable, so was it’s theme song. the “Everywhere You Look” anthem was written and performed by Jesse Frederick. Yep, another Jesse. here is that old time classic, straight from YouTab, with the lyrics and chords in perfect sync. It’s not like you didn’t sang it in the shower lots of times before. Crank it.