Grunge & KISS: 2015 Top Music Stories

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Our Readers Love Their Original Content. They Have an Amazing Desire to Discover New (and Old) Performances That Will Touch Their Hearts, and It Looks Like Chris Cornell Does That Wonderfully. With Hundreds of Thousands Reads and Views, These Are the Top 5 Stories at utab Magazine for 2015

Just before New Year’s Eve we look back and can say that 2015 rocked. Having said that, Rock fans also felt lots of heartache this year, dealing with Scott Weiland’s death. And we miss him already.  

Looking at the analysis we can say that utab Magazine readers love their Rock and Roll. Especially grunge. If any of you thought it was dead - you we’re mistaken. Our readers love their original content. They have an amazing desire to discover new (and old) performances that will touch their hearts, and it looks like Mr. Chris Cornell dose that wonderfully. With hundreds of thousands reads and views, These are the Top 5 stories at utab Magazine for 2015. 

1. Shivers Down Your Spine: Watch Chris Cornell Performs 'Nothing Compares 2 U’ 

Stop Everything: Chris Cornell Just Delivered a Fantastic, Touching Performance of the 90's Classic, 'Nothing Compares 2 U'. Don't Miss It

2.5 Grunge Isolated Vocal Tracks That Will Melt Your Heart

We've Chosen 5 Heart Melting Performances That'll Make Your Heart Pound Even Faster While Listening Only to the Vocal Tracks

3.Incredible: Chris Cornell Performs 'One' With U2's Music and Metallica's Lyrics

Look What We Found: Lyrics by Metallica, Music by U2, Performance by Chris Cornell. Put Them All Together and You Have 'One'. Do Not Miss This Wonderful Version

4. KISS: The Greatest Rock Empire Of All Time 
Why Is KISS Still and Forever Will Be Larger Than Life? Read About the Band's Take on the World of Rock, Play and Sing Along to One of Their Classics and Find out About Paul Stanley's Guitars

- Shout It Out Loud (Live)

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5. Heartbreaking: Scott Weiland's Last Photos
Exclusive: Pictures of Scott Weiland's Performance Last Week at the Gramercy Theatre in New York. Just a Few Days Before He Died

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