Fender Recreated the Famous George Harrison 'Let It Be' Guitar. Watch It in Action

Image taken from the official Fender YouTube channel

'George Harrison Laid the Path for Subsequent Would-Be Rock Guitarists to Follow', Said the Fender Company

Either you like The Beatles or not, one thing is for sure - The fab four will always be relevant. Forever. 46 years after the end, It seems like The Beatles songs and albums are only growing stronger. And now, a new guitar is launched for the musicians out there. 

In Honor of the late George Harrisonthe Fender Custom Shop has recreated the famous Rosewood Telecaster prototype seen in ‘Let It Be’ with painstakingly detailed precision. “Renowned for his masterfully understated, yet always inventive and inspirational guitar playing, Harrison laid the path for subsequent would-be rock guitarists to follow”, said the Fender company. Watch the guitar in action in the video below. 

“At an undisclosed location, Master Builder Paul Waller closely examined Harrison’s unique original instrument to recreate this legendary guitar as accurately as possible. Appearing stock to a casual observer, subtle details set this guitar apart as both a prototype instrument and an exceptional Custom Shop creation. The sleek rosewood neck is fashioned from two pieces of rosewood capped with a rosewood fingerboard, just like Harrison’s original, instead of the traditional one-piece construction. The neck’s visible seam line adds to the character of the instrument, marking it as a unique creation. The nut is 1/8" wider than most vintage Telecasters for a unique advantage while playing; the wider string spacing makes it easier to finger chords that ring out loud and clear, with plenty of crisp articulation.”